Array indexOf vs. Object key lookup (v6)

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Test for presence of an entry in an object/dictionary vs array search using indexOf. In addition the impact of the dictionary size is compared. For array search, the entry in the middle of the array is looked up.


// generator for keys, object/dictionary and array
    function generateRandomKey(keyLength) {
        var key = "";
        for (var i = 0; i < keyLength; i++) {
                key += String.fromCharCode("a".charCodeAt(0) + Math.floor(26 * Math.random()));
        return key;
    function generateDict(numEntries, keyLength) {
        var dict = {};
        var key;
        for (var i = 0; i < numEntries; i++) {
                do {
                        key = generateRandomKey(keyLength);
                } while (key in dict);
                dict[key] = i;
        return dict;
    var dict200000 = generateDict(200000, 4);
    var arr200000 = Object.keys(dict200000);
    var map200000 = new Map(,i)=>([key,i])));
    var searchKey100000 = arr200000[100000];

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Testing in
lookup key in object of 200000 items
if (dict200000[searchKey100000]);
lookup index in array of 200000 items
if (arr200000.indexOf(searchKey100000));
lookup index in Map of 200000 items
if (map200000.get(searchKey100000));


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