Extract Transform Translate values

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Preparation HTML

<style>.test-element { transform: translate(99px, 99px); }</style>
<div class="test-element">Test Element</div>
var element = document.querySelector('.test-element'),
            transformTranslateRegex = /translate\((\d+)(?:px|%|rem|em|pt)\,\s?(\d+)(?:px|%|rem|em|pt)\)/,
transformMatrixRegex = /(\d+)/g;
element.style.transform = 'translate(99px, 99px)';

Test runner

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Testing in
element.style.transform with regex
let transformTranslateValues = element.style.transform.match(transformTranslateRegex);
            translateX = transformTranslateValues[1],
            translateY = transformTranslateValues[2];
window.getComputedStyle with regex
let transformMatrix = getComputedStyle(element)['transform'].match(transformMatrixRegex),
            translateX = transformMatrix[4],
            translateY = transformMatrix[5];


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