FastJs vs JQuery (f.css) (v2)

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Test out FastJs claim on its performance against jQuery. Based on the performance result shown in FastJs website, FastJs outperform JQuery by twice as much.

The test case will be based on the latest FastJS and JQuery (2.0) script.

Preparation HTML

<script src="//"></script>
<script src=""></script>
<div id="test">Want to use HSSF and XSSF read and write spreadsheets in a hurry? This guide is for you. If you're after more in-depth coverage of the HSSF and XSSF user-APIs, please consult the HOWTO guide as it contains actual descriptions of how to use this stuff.</div>


var ft = f("#test");
    var css = f.css;

Test runner

Ready to run.

Testing in
FastJS (1 method)
css(ft, "color", "navy");
JQuery (1 method)
FastJs (call method 3 times)
css(ft, "color","green");
css(ft, "font-weight","bold");
css(ft, "font-size","24px");
JQuery (call method 3 times)


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