jQuery vs JavaScript Performance Comparison (v67)

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Preparation HTML

<tr class="participation twoLevel partMyself">    <td class="pname">        <div style="width:182px">            <div class="avatarSmall" style="background-image: url('/builtstatic/1426856261/doodle/graphics/avatar.png')">                                <div class="gravatar" style="background-image: url('https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/?s=30&amp;r=x&amp;d=blank');"></div>                            </div>            <label class="hiddenAcc" for="pname" title="l10n_yourName"></label>            <input class="form-control" id="pname" maxlength="64" name="name" placeholder="O teu nome" type="text" value="">        </div>    </td>        <td class="tsep disabled" data="0" id="box0" title="Qui 19-03-2015 Jogo">                                        <label class="hiddenAcc" for="option0">Qui 19-03-2015 Jogo</label>        <input id="option0" name="p" type="radio" disabled="disabled">                    </td>            <td class="tsep" data="1" id="box1" title="Qui 19-03-2015 Se for preciso">                                        <label class="hiddenAcc" for="option1">Qui 19-03-2015 Se for preciso</label>        <input id="option1" name="p" type="radio">                    </td>            <td class="tsep" data="2" id="box2" title="Qui 19-03-2015 Ainda não sei">                                        <label class="hiddenAcc" for="option2">Qui 19-03-2015 Ainda não sei</label>        <input id="option2" name="p" type="radio">                    </td>            <td class="" data="3" id="box3" title="Qui 19-03-2015 Não jogo">                                        <label class="hiddenAcc" for="option3">Qui 19-03-2015 Não jogo</label>        <input id="option3" name="p" type="radio">                    </td>        </tr>
<script src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1/jquery.min.js"></script>

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Testing in
var $el = $('td.tsep[title*="Jogo"]')
var $el = document.querySelector('td.tsep[title*="Jogo"]')


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