Lodash forEach vs native for key in loop (v2)

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Preparation HTML

<script src=" https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/lodash@4.17.21/lodash.min.js "></script>


const testobj = {
  key1: "value1",
  key2: "value2",
  key3: "value3",
  key4: "value4",
  key5: "value5",
  key6: "value6",
  key7: "value7",
  key8: "value8",
  key9: "value9",
  key10: "value10",
  key11: "value11",
  key12: "value12",
  key13: "value13",
  key14: "value14",
  key15: "value15",
  key16: "value16",
  key17: "value17",
  key18: "value18",
  key19: "value19",
  key20: "value20",
  key21: "value21",
  key22: "value22",
  key23: "value23",
  key24: "value24",
  key25: "value25",
  key26: "value26",
  key27: "value27",
  key28: "value28",
  key29: "value29",
  key30: "value30",
  key31: "value31",
  key32: "value32",
  key33: "value33",
  key34: "value34",
  key35: "value35",
  key36: "value36",
  key37: "value37",
  key38: "value38",
  key39: "value39",
  key40: "value40",
  key41: "value41",
  key42: "value42",
  key43: "value43",
  key44: "value44",
  key45: "value45",
  key46: "value46",
  key47: "value47",
  key48: "value48",
  key49: "value49",
  key50: "value50",
  key51: "value51",
  key52: "value52",
  key53: "value53",
  key54: "value54",
  key55: "value55",
  key56: "value56",
  key57: "value57",
  key58: "value58",
  key59: "value59",
  key60: "value60",
  key61: "value61",
  key62: "value62",
  key63: "value63",
  key64: "value64",
  key65: "value65",
  key66: "value66",
  key67: "value67",
  key68: "value68",
  key69: "value69",
  key70: "value70",
  key71: "value71",
  key72: "value72",
  key73: "value73",
  key74: "value74",
  key75: "value75",
  key76: "value76",
  key77: "value77",
  key78: "value78",
  key79: "value79",
  key80: "value80",
  key81: "value81",
  key82: "value82",
  key83: "value83",
  key84: "value84",
  key85: "value85",
  key86: "value86",
  key87: "value87",
  key88: "value88",
  key89: "value89",
  key90: "value90",
  key91: "value91",
  key92: "value92",
  key93: "value93",
  key94: "value94",
  key95: "value95",
  key96: "value96",
  key97: "value97",
  key98: "value98",
  key99: "value99",
  key100: "value100"

Test runner

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Testing in
_.forEach(testobj, (value, key) => {
  console.log(key, value);
for key in
for (const key in testobj) {
  console.log(key, testobj[key]);


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