PubSubJS vs. jQuery custom events (v3)

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An attempt at showing that PubSubJS is faster than using jQuery custom evens for publish/subscribe style messaging.

It's certainly not as rich in features, and I am happy with that.

Introducing PubSubJS

2010-11-28: Updated to PubSubJS v0.1, which has separate method for syncronous publishing.

Preparation HTML

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="//"></script>
  var callback1 = function() {};
  var callback2 = function() {};
  var payload = {
   somekey: 'some value'
  var body;
  // let's use jQuery.ready to make sure that the DOM is ready,
  // before trying to work with it
  jQuery(function() {
   // we'll use the body element to exchange messages for jQuery
   // if using deeper nested elements, jQuery will be slower, as custom events bubble
   body = $('body');
   // subscribe our callback1 function to the custom event for jQuery, only once
   body.bind('my-event', callback1);
   // subscribe our callback2 function to the message for PubSub
   PubSub.subscribe('my-event', callback2)

Test runner

Ready to run.

Testing in
1. jQuery - trigger
body.trigger('my-event', payload);
2. PubSub - publish - asyncronous
PubSub.publish('my-event', payload);
3. PubSub - publish - syncronous
PubSub.publishSync('my-event', payload);


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